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At a glance:
The Ultimate Extract and Recover does not reinvent the wheel since protecting the file with a password and unlocking the file by using a password is built-in functionality of WinRar. The difference is that Ultimate Extract and Recover uses this functionality to introduce batch job capabilities. Instead of going through every file and typing your password to unlock it, the application does that for you by retrieving and using your password from within a plain text file. It even goes one step beyond since after unlocking the file it continues with extraction of its contents.

  • Unattended operation: extracts or verifies without the user's attention. Just press the Go button and use your time for something else. Upon completion you will be presented with the outcome of the operation,statistics and detailed Log files.
  • Very simple to use GUI-interface: you can start a new operation with just 3 clicks !
  • Batch extraction
  • Automated file integrity validation: batch check your files for errors (CRC check,missing parts,wrong format,bad format,corrupted archive,wrong password)
  • Password recovery: can retrieve the password by using the dictionary approach. Give it a word list and it will attempt all words against the archive. Once it retrieves the password it can optionally continue with extracting the archive
  • Recursion: It traverses nested directories, so that all your RAR and ZIP files can be organized into sub directories of any depth. UER will then start from the root directory and get into all sub directories to process the files
  • Unicode paths/directories
  • Unicode file names: no more constrained by the System Default code page (ANSI)
  • Unicode passwords: Unicode compatibility with the latest version of Winrar 4.20. This means that Unicode passwords are guaranteed to work with RAR files created with Winrar version 4.2 or higher
  • Optimizations for faster execution

Handles paths/directories and file names in Unicode
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"It works for you so you can spend your time in more productive ways"

Handles file names in Unicode

Name your files using all the characters the Unicode standard allows. So file names can be written in Hindu, Japanese, English, Russian, Greek etc or even mix them! Most extraction utilities handle only ANSI characters and break when trying to handle Unicode, but UER does not!

Handles paths/directories in Unicode

Name your directories using all the characters the Unicode standard allows. So directory names can be written in Hindu, Japanese, English, Russian, Greek etc or even mix them! Most extraction utilities handle only ANSI characters and break when trying to handle Unicode, but UER does not!

Handles archive passwords in Unicode

Passwords in Unicode means that you are not constrained by regional settings anymore. For example in a Windows installation with UK regional settings you can use passwords in Japanese or Hindu, as long as the installation is correctly set up to support those languages too. Also, passwords can now even contain symbols like ★ or ♣

Statistics - Job ID

The Job ID relates the running Job to the Log files, so you can easily find what the Job did


When the Job completes , a summary of what the Job did is displayed on screen, for example how many archives were extracted, how many failed, how many cached, etc


Detailed log files keep a detailed record of what the Job did in the files "success.txt, deleted.txt, failed.txt, cached.txt"

Reading files in sub-directories

Not only does the application process files in sub-directories of any depth, it also replicates their structure inside the extraction directory thus keeping your files organized and easily identified


The application works in batch mode and therefore for speeding up file processing and not consuming CPU cycles unnecessarily, upon successful extraction of a multipart's archive's first part, UER consumes and caches the rest of the archive's parts so that when later encountered on as the current directory is getting processed, they do not needlessly get processed again. This leads to massive speed gains

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Quick Tutorial

Add your passwords

You have to add your own passwords into the password file; the application cannot not guess the password nor does it brute-force. It uses a dictionary, so for example when you have 10 passwords and you cannot exactly remember which one is the correct one, instead of manually checking each password for each archive till you find the correct one, just enter them into the password file and UER will do the rest for yourself, leading to massive productivity gains


Choose Extract or Verify ?

The Extract mode extracts the file contents into the chosen Extraction Directory. The Verify mode does not extract the file contents. It is used for quickly checking the file's integrity (CRC errors, if some parts are missing etc), if the passwords are correct and for password recovering


Choose directories

Choose the directory to Read from and the directory to Extract to and click Go!. UER will then recursively process all .rar files of all sub-directories underneath the extraction directory. Click and forget, as simple as that !


Monitor the running Job's progress

While the Job is running, the Progress Bar displays how much work is done, as well as which archive is currently worked on and what password is currentyl applied (if a password is required). You can Pause the Job at any time.


Job summary

When the Job completes it displays a summary of what it did, i.e. how many archives were extracted, how many failed, how many cached. More and detailed information can be found inside the log files.

The rest of the options

Permanetly delete extracted RAR archives

When this option is off, then the successfully extracted RAR archives remain in their original (input) directory. When on, the successfuly extracted RAR archives will be permanently deleted and not be moved into the Recycle Bin Directories and other files will be NOT deleted. Use this option with caution.

Map file name to directory

With this option on, UER creates sub-directories inside the current extraction directory named after the archives processed. This helps in easy organizing and keeping track of your files .

Log Passwords

With this option on, the passwords of the successfully opened archives are recorded to file.

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Ultimate Extract and Recover FREE edition compared
to Ultimate Extract and Recover PRO edition


  • Batch extraction
  • Password recovery (using dictionary)
  • ANSI passwords
  • Unicode passwords
  • Recursion, traverse sub directories of ANY depth
  • Unicode file names
  • Full statistics
  • Optimizations for faster execution
  • Supports RAR 5 format
  • Supports ZIP format
  • Recognizes when a v2.9 RAR file is
    corrupt or its password is invalid
  • Without password length limit of 6 characters long
  • Verify files without extracting
  • Log passwords found for every file
  • Automatically delete the successfully extracted compressed archives

Ultimate Extract and Recover FREE

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Ultimate Extract and Recover v6.0 FREE edition

Requires .NET framework 4.5 and runs on :

  • Windows XP 32/64 bit
  • Windows Vista 32/64 bit
  • Windows 7 32/64 bit
  • Windows 8 32/64 bit
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit

UltimateExtractAndRecover.exe signature for authenticity check:
PublicKeyToken: 50297b8cfe78da13

UltimateExtractAndRecover_Setup.exe signature for authenticity check:

  • Fixed bug where some files were rejecting/not checking certain passwords
  • Visual improvements

Download from the following Software Directories:

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What the media says

"Combined awards of Ultimate Extract and Recover"

UK - Softfamous

UK - Download3K

Deutschland - Download3K

Brazil - G1

Brazil - G1

Brazil - Guiao Do Windows

Brazil - Baixaki


Softonic - no. 1 in Brazil


Download of the day

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Vietnam - Taimienphi

Top Download Club Unrar Extract and Recover is 100% clean

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"with popular Unpacker software"

1. UER vs 7zip

Some software like 7zip cannot recognize Unicode names WHEN the file is compressed with Winrar. UER has no such limitations, it works with Unicode ZIP filenames and directories!

2. UER vs Winrar (a)

UER works with both RAR format version 5 and older versions (v2.9)

3. UER vs Winrar (b)

UER can recognize when an archive (with file names not encrypted) is corrupt or the password is invalid for both RAR formats 5 and older (v2.9)

4. UER vs RarZilla (a)

RarZilla cannot recognize directories containing Unicode characters. UER has no such limitations, it works with Unicode filenames and directories!

5. UER vs RarZilla (b)

RarZilla cannot recognize passwords containing Unicode characters. UER has no such limitations, it works with Unicode passwords!

6. Clean up

When the file fails, for example if it's corrupt, UER cleans up and does not leave trash behind

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What's new

What's new in version 6.0

1.Fixed bug where some files were rejecting/not checking certain passwords.

Users of older versions are strongly suggested to upgrade to this version (version 6).

2.Added German translation to GUI

3.Visual improvements

What's new in version 5.0 (20/05/2018)

1.Added ini.txt file which remembers the last Input and Output directories.The file is located in C:\Users\{User}\AppData\Local\UER\ini.txt It must contain just 2 lines,the first for the Input directory, the second the Output directory

2.Removed update check for new version

3.Updated to unrar.dll version 5.60.3

What's new in version 4.5 (19/05/2015)

Minimize to system tray plus you can check the progress (in percentage) when hovering the mouse over the minimized balloon icon